Shine like Eva Mendez: star style secrets

Many want to be like her. Bright, feminine, it is ideal for millions. Eva Mendez's style reflects her beauty and courage.

Star's favorite clothes

Eva prefers a gentle and at the same time sexy style. She avoids trousers, jeans and other attributes of clothing that do not carry a hint of femininity.

Images of the actress always emphasize the dignity of her figure, but they do not even hint at vulgarity.

She prefers fitted dresses with additional accessories. So, in the photo below, a belt in combination with a fluffy skirt favorably denotes a waistline.

Very often you can see the actress in the dresses of the style of the 50s. She skillfully complements them with neat shoes and bracelets. To create a full-fledged image from the past, Eva uses rings with massive stones, large earrings and pumps.

In addition to dresses of various lengths and designs, Eva loves to wear shirt dresses. This is another favorite of her. Such outfits are suitable for both daily business and business meetings.

The colors and patterns are different: peas, plain models, calm nude tones.

In accessories, the diva remains true to herself. She skillfully selects the details for each image without overloading it.

The star loves massive decorations and skillfully uses them.

Often an American can be seen in dresses with bright colors, floral print, patterns. Due to the correct color scheme, such options do not look ridiculous or ridiculous.

Eva Mendez wears clothes in both large and small peas.

Bright prints help create stylish and memorable images, even for street style.

Color palette and style rules from Eva Mendez

In the choice of colors, the actress prefers muted, pastel colors. Delicate dresses fit tanned skin, emphasizing the good taste of the artist.

Bright colors are also present in her wardrobe.

In the image everything has to be perfect. Particular attention is paid to Eva hairstyle. It helps to make the image complete.

Another rule that the actress follows is: never take your chest off if the length of the dress is higher or down to the knee and vice versa. With a deep cleavage, the legs of the star are always hidden under the skirt.

Eva Mendez is considered a modern style icon. She skillfully emphasizes her femininity and form, preferring to wear dresses. The actress completes the images of playful shoes or elegant decorations. She has already managed to release her own designer collection of clothes, in which the style of the actress is also traced - bright prints and laconic silhouettes.