Zhanna Friske's debt increased by 1.5 million rubles

For the past 3 years, Rusfond has been suing the family of the deceased singer Zhanna Friske, trying to get back 21 million rubles, which were previously sent to treat the star.

In 2017, the court sided with the foundation and ordered the Friske family to refund, but this has not been done so far. As a result, in the spring of an unfinished building belonging to a celebrity, was put up for auction to pay off the debt.

Jeanne's father is trying to challenge this decision, claiming that the money collected went to the treatment of the singer. And as it became known the other day, the amount of the final debt increased over these 3 years by 1.5 million rubles - fines and penalties were included in it. Parents of the singer in response to this news reported that their lawyers are now engaged in the case.