The deputy proposed to deprive Mikhail Efremov of the title "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation", and that on the drum!

With his statements, the actor has unleashed a political conflict.

Actor Mikhail Efremov was in the center of the scandal. Not so long ago, he was on tour in Ukraine and allowed himself a number of unpleasant remarks about Russia. Thus, according to Efremov, the “communist” regime ended long ago in his homeland, changing to the “imperial” regime. In addition, the actor believes that the country is constantly experiencing from this "phantom pain."

The words of the artist offended and angered many, including the young deputies. In the State Duma they proposed to deprive Efremov of the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation for “treachery of the motherland”. Figures of show business are divided into two camps: some agree with the opinion of the deputy, others urge not to deny the title for creative merit because of this point of view.

Lia Akhedzhakova, for example, stated that this move is an attempt to promote the young and impudent overdue duputats at the expense of the artist, the desire to improve their rating and recognition.

Michael himself responded to all the criticism that he was "on the drum."