The case of the murder of Igor Talkov resumed

After 27 years, there was a chance to condemn the singer’s killer.

An unexpected news was made by the Investigation Department of St. Petersburg. Apparently, the case of the murder of Igor Talkov in 1991 was resumed. Recall, the singer was shot dead on October 6 near his dressing room. The suspect in the murder was named shortly - director Valery Shlyafman. For two years, investigators managed to collect enough materials proving his intent. However, Shlyafman went to Israel, and for this reason in 1993 the case was closed.

As the journalists found out, they resumed the case because of the new law, according to which a person abroad can be convicted in absentia. The victim in the case is recognized Talkov's widow - Tatiana. At the end of October she transferred all the materials she had to the new investigator in the case. At the same time, the son, Igor Talkov, Jr., regards the return to the history of 27 years ago as in vain.