Maria Maksakova told about the miscarriage

The star admitted that she lost two children.

Recently, opera diva Maria Maksakova gave a frank interview where she remembered her love story with deputy Denis Voronenkov, who was killed a year and a half ago. As Maria admitted, almost immediately after the wedding, she learned that she was pregnant. This happened during a couple's vacation in Israel. The singer was in seventh heaven with happiness, especially since she was told by an ultrasound that she would have twins. But at that time her husband started having problems, and because of the stress, the singer had a miscarriage.

Maksakova could not recover from grief for a long time, but did not abandon desperate attempts to become a mother again. Before the death of Voronenkov, she still managed to get pregnant and give birth to her husband, Vanya. At the same time, Maria evasively left the answer to the question of whether the boy was conceived using IVF.