Romantic photo Sobchak and Vitorgan turned provocation

Fans can not understand - together a star couple or not anymore.

The end of last year was tense for a pair of Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan. In the press and secular circles, there were rumors about the novel by TV host and theater director Konstantin Bogomolov. Against the background of gossip, the couple stopped wearing wedding rings, and commented on their relationships very vaguely. Rumor has it that even Ksenia and Maxim spent New Year's Eve separately from each other.

That is why a new picture in the Instagram of the actor, in which the couple is captured passionately kissing on the beach, pleased the fans, giving hope that the marriage of the stars was saved.

However, more observant fans could easily notice that the picture was far from fresh - in the same clothes and on the same beach the stars were photographed 5 years ago. Why Vitorgan needed to provoke the public with a fake shot is not yet clear.