Did Paulina Andreeva have an affair with Mashkov?

Recently, sources revealed interesting information from the past of actress Paulina Andreeva. According to some reports, a few years ago she was in a relationship with actor Vladimir Mashkov.

According to rumors, it was he who owes his career to the girl - at that time nobody wanted to take a little-known actress for the shooting, and Mashkov himself was entrusted for her. Thus, Andreeva got on the shooting of the series "The Thaw" and in the staff of the Theater. Tabakova.

Netizens could not disregard this fact. Scandalous blogger Lena Miro noted that one can only envy the ability of Paulina to use influential men for their own purposes. Recall that now Andreeva has been in a relationship with director Fyodor Bondarchuk for three years now, for her sake divorced with his wife Svetlana.