10 of the most tasteless stars for the year: when fashionable failures go one by one!

Stars have everything you need to have impeccable style of dressing: unlimited means, professionals who choose clothes, and inexhaustible imagination. But with the imperfect taste of celebrities, all this is powerless to help, so the numerous fashionable failures of the stars of 2018 can at least surprise you, and even laugh it.


At the beginning of the year, the singer received a lot of criticism for being overweight, as well as for not wanting to take it into account when choosing a wardrobe. Then it was the turn of baggy clothes and haute couture balaclavas, which even scared the fans.

Katy Perry

On the celebrity personal front, everything is fine: she has renewed her relationship with Orlando Bloom. But she didn’t care about style: Katie appeared in public in extremely ridiculous dresses several times. Part of the criticism refers to the hair dyed in purple, although outfits deserve censure more.

Jennifer Lopez

Vulgarity, vulgarity and once again vulgarity. However, in 2018, Jennifer was able to eclipse herself, choosing not only a leopard design that had been criticized by designers for a long time, but also a dollar print.

Kim Kardashian

Last year, Kim was blamed for excessive love for logos and frank images. There was also a zebra-style dress by Jean-Paul Gaultier - if such a style gains enough popularity, it can easily be compared with leopard patterns.

Rita Ora

What could be more vulgar than a leopard? "Leopard" in acid tones!

It seems that the celebrity has contracted with the manufacturer of elite fabric paints: how else can the combination of five bright colors be explained in one image?

Chloe Moretz

The outfits have become worse with this previously stylish star. In 2018, things emphasized the imperfections of the figure and made the celebrity old - even jokes about the secret hatred of Chloe by her stylist appeared on the network.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer in 2018 was repeatedly accused of over-revealing outfits. Although in comparison with the other "distinguished" images turned out bearable.

Nicki Minaj

This is really whose wardrobe does not hold water! Latex with cuts under a long blinding eye cloak? Clear plastic rain cover? Dress with huge shoulder pads? Just think about the continuation of the trend in 2019 - and the prospects for the financial crisis gradually recede into the background ...

Kendall Jenner

It would seem that the model definitely has a style ... but not always. Last year, she distinguished herself with a number of shapeless robes, sports shorts in a restaurant and open dresses. Some outfits have become memes!

Bibi Rex

The case when almost topless images of the previous celebrity is not a good example. Pink latex competes for the title of the worst celebrity dress with an open silk robe and a dress reminiscent of fluffy insects.

Many outfits, which celebrities distinguished themselves for the year, deserve a separate competition in the spirit of the Darwin Prize. It remains to hope that in 2019 the stars will improve and shock the public only in a positive sense of the word.