Malinin's first wife cheated on him with his father?

The singer's lawyer was forced to reveal the details of family scandals.

A few days ago, a scandalous story around the first marriage of Alexander Malinin continued on the air of one of the TV channels. Recall the daughter of Cyrus, who gave birth to the singer Olga Zarubina, now lives in the United States and has no means of livelihood. The girl's mother accuses the artist of not wanting to help Kira, and the singer himself believes that she left her daughter to study, does not work and communicates with the outcasts.

A representative of the Malinin family told reporters that Kira is not Alexander’s daughter at all. Allegedly, the artist all 30 years old believes that Zarubina gave birth to a girl from his father, with whom, according to rumors, she had a connection. This assumption is supported by the results of a genetic examination provided by the Malinins lawyer. Zarubina herself denies all speculation and considers the tests to be fake.