What kind of dog is Ida Galich?

Each person sooner or later thinks about how to make a four-legged friend. Ida Galich, a former KVN member, blogger and youtube star who won over two million subscribers and over five million in instagram, could not resist the indomitable canine charisma.

The pet of the famous girl was a miniature French bulldog with an Italian name Giovanni.

The French Bulldogs went from the English, which were considered a small fighting breed. Unlike their British counterparts, the "French" practically do not play off each other. Despite the fact that the name of the breed contains the word "French", the dogs were bred in England, and after they moved to the homeland of the Eiffel Tower together with their owners, where they became popular in prestigious circles.

At that time, only elite representatives could afford this breed. Fortunately, now enjoying the company of cute eared babies is affordable for almost everyone.

Bulldogs have many varieties of color, and Ida chose gray-blue, which is also called "mouse", which does not fit the breed standards and is considered a rejection, but does not affect the popularity of non-professional breeders.

The standard colors of purebred French Bulldogs include tiger, spotted and fawn.

Representatives of this breed are very mobile and bold, do not have a violent temperament, despite their fighting roots. They are quick-witted, resourceful and kind to people, but can be aggressive with some other animals. At the same time, they are well trained in training, therefore it is possible to train a dog not to conflict with other pets with the help of commands.

Unfortunately, Ida herself rarely pleases subscribers with photos of the pet - there are practically no joint pictures of them in the network. In one of the photos (leftmost in the collage), the bulldog is almost invisible.

Giovanni is a dog with charisma, giving her mistress a lot of positive emotions, which perhaps she should share with her fans.