Boyko first frankly talked about his novels

In an interview, the actor told about his relationship with women and about the affair with his mistress.

Recently, the actor Yaroslav Boyko appeared in the studio of one of the TV shows, where he became the hero of a frank interview. Many questions concerned the personal life of the star. So, until now, fans believe that there is a love affair between Yaroslav and Maria Poroshina, and the actress even allegedly gave birth to a fifth child from a colleague. The actor was able to dispel these rumors, saying that between them there was never a novel.

But Boyko remembered his true mistress - actress Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, who in the early 2000s gave birth to a son from him. The news of the appearance of the heir appeared when Yaroslav was legally married to Ramuna Khodorkite, with whom he also raised his son. According to him, his wife took the news calmly and with understanding.

Dobrovolskaya and Boyko