Fans hardly recognized Cameron Diaz

A walk through New York did not go unnoticed.

Cameron Diaz walked unpleasantly surprised fans with her appearance.

The actress for quite a long time does not act in films. According to her, she is tired of constant flights and filming. Cameron devotes all her free time to people close to her, as well as writing books about a healthy lifestyle.

Recently, the actress was seen on a street in New York. Cameron chose casual clothes for a walk: jeans, a shapeless sweater and a khaki-colored jacket thrown over shoulders. The image is complemented by a small bag and boots on a solid sole. The hair was carelessly gathered in a ponytail.

In this form, it could easily go unnoticed, but she did not succeed. Cameron's photos immediately hit the World Wide Web.

Many fans of the actress expressed regret that she began to look like this and stopped caring for herself. Her untidy look surprised. They are used to seeing the star in beautiful clothes, with a smile on her face and with make-up.

However, Cameron has recently advocated naturalness. She does not resort to beauty injections and does not seek help from plastic surgeons. Now the actress is almost completely focused on the family and refused to participate in social life.