Women Ivara Kalnins: from prostitutes to a happy marriage

Ivar Kalnins is a popular Soviet actor, born in Riga in 1948 in a simple family. As time went on, young Ivar chose his life path and eventually settled on the profession of an actor, who, as you know, always had an amazing popularity among women.


For the first time the actor felt the taste of family life rather early, at 22 years old. His beloved was a girl named Ilga, whom the young man, who was then engaged in music, met during a concert on a street in the city. Kalnins set up the equipment with his group and warmed up before the performance, when he saw his future darling among the audience.

A few months later, the Latvian made the girl an offer to marry him, to which she replied with consent. Kalnins was not prevented by the dissatisfaction of his parents, who were confident that their son was in a hurry and early marriage was not the best way of life for their boy. They didn’t like Ilga - their parents wanted to see a quiet and calm daughter-in-law, and their son’s darling was too cheerful, cheerful and did not fit their standards.

Ivar's union turned out to be favorable: two daughters appeared, who were given the names Helena and Una. The years went by, the feelings faded away, and after 20 years of married life, the couple realized that there was practically nothing left of their love and there was no further sense to be together. The separation was peaceful and everyone went on their own free voyage.

Aurelia Anuzhite

After the divorce of Kalnins and his former wife, a year passed, the actor plunged headlong into the work and one fine day on the set of the film "Secrets of the family de Granshan" met a charming young lady named Aurelia Anugita. By coincidence, the heroes of the actors were involved in romantic scenes that were given to Ivar and Aurelia rather heavily. The screen couple tried their best, got used to the role and played love on the set, and when they ended, the feelings migrated to real life. The girl did not worry about the difference in age, as well as that her lover - the father of two children.

Soon the wedding took place, the budget of which at that time was a remarkable one. Ivar spared nothing for his bride and played every whim of her, arranged a real fairy tale for Anuzhite. The girl in response gave the actor a son named Mikus. At the same time, the marriage of the couple was quite difficult: mutual treason, accusations and scandals, which resulted in separation at the level of 7 years.

Laura Bouzniece

After his marriage with Aurelia, Ivar decided that the road to the registry office was closed for him and he no longer wanted family life. In the life of the actor, there was a place for fleeting romances and even prostitutes, and when Kalnyns was asked in an interview about his connections with the representatives of the oldest profession, the actor said that he didn’t see anything wrong with that: why not call a girl? "

Time passed, the man attended various events and parties, at one of which he met young Laura Magazniece, who, like Kalnins said, was like Mona Lisa, which attracted his attention. The future couple met, but the artist did not force the event and did not rush to plunge into the love pool. Ivar and his new girlfriend spent a lot of time in the general company, and only then allowed himself to start a relationship. By the way, they were quite pragmatic, without unnecessary romance and beautiful gestures.

The wedding, about which there was practically no information in the press, was also modest and quiet. New wife Ivara became exactly the one he was looking for, and turned his life into a comfortable life with a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Soon she gave birth to the artist of two more daughters by the name of Vivien and Louise.

Despite the fact that the press often flashes rumors about Ivar's betrayal and various intrigues on the side, Laura denies everything and believes in the loyalty of her husband.