Elena Berkova spun the affair with the director of a sex shop

The star of "films for adults" has already left to rest with a new chosen one.

Just a couple of months ago, at the end of last year, Elena Berkova spoke bitterly about a divorce from her fifth husband. The ex-husband of the star gave caustic comments that, despite all his efforts, Elena was not ready for the family. But the new sucker, Berkova, seems to be quite pleased with her frivolity. On the fresh pictures Elena is captured in an embrace with a tall man on holiday in Thailand.

As it turned out, now the girl is in a relationship with the owner of the network of sex shops Maximilian Lapin. In social networks, a young man is quite popular - he often lays out funny videos about advertising certain products of his stores and communicates with subscribers in a fun way. Elena's fans suspect that she is older than her boyfriend, but the exact difference in age is difficult to call.