Roma Zhukov left his wife and six children

According to rumors, the singer went over to his wife's best friend.

The singer Roma Zhukov’s large family was at the center of the scandal. He left his wife and six children. According to him, he never understood why a wife gives birth to so many children. In this case, the musician considers the spouse a careless mother - allegedly she was often absent at home, even at night. In turn, Elena adheres to another version, according to her, the performer drank a lot and humiliated her. The woman told about the miscarriage that occurred at her several years ago due to the fact that Zhukov pushed her.

Now Roma has flown to Sochi with a new passion - Olga, who is his wife's close friend.

Elena has already filed a lawsuit for alimony, she claims to half the total property of the family, which is estimated at 70 million rubles. Now a woman struggles to make ends trying to feed her children.