Bulanova is suing her husband because of alimony

The singer hopes to receive alimony from her husband for the maintenance of their common son.

Singer Tatyana Bulanova sued her former spouse - ex-player of Zenit HC Vladislav Radimov. It is interesting that only recently the couple stopped living together, although they divorced several years ago. Bulanova accused her husband of treason, but continued to live with him under a common roof. In previous interviews, she explained this by saying that they have maintained excellent relations and that there is enough space in the spacious apartment for everyone. As for alimony, the singer had previously stated that she was even uncomfortable with this topic, because Radimov was already buying everything her son needed.

But apparently, Bulanova now changed her views. The court received a statement from her, according to which it was decided that the athlete must give a quarter of all his income to child support monthly.