Rating of the most faithful signs of the zodiac among men

Most women dream of finding a life partner, which will be committed to the end of life. But young people who are ready to devote their lives to their half, are not so often met. When searching for them, you can rely not only on your intuition and life experience, but also on the rating of the most faithful signs of the zodiac among men, compiled by astrologers.


The twelfth place in the ranking of faithful husbands on the sign of the zodiac is Sagittarius. Such men are not consistent.. Representatives of this sign is incredibly seductive, attractive. They easily fascinate women, winning their hearts with expensive gifts and compliments.

Love for men-Sagittarius is nothing but a game. They have a strong instinct for procreation, but they marry quite rarely and prefer to indirectly participate in the upbringing of children born of different women. If Sagittarius enter into marriage, then most often it quickly ends in divorce, since men do not withstand reproaches and condemnations from the lawful spouse, and women do not forgive them for constant adultery.


Another zodiac sign, not distinguished by loyalty to his half, is Scorpio. Unlike Streltsov, the representatives of this zodiac sign tie the knot, but this does not prevent them from seeking adventure on the side. For fleeting passions, they prefer long-term relationships, but with several women at once.

Scorpio men clearly share carnal pleasures and love. To the last they will try to keep the marriage, continuing to satisfy their fantasies with other women and at the same time swear allegiance to the spouse.


Men born under this sign of the zodiac, at first glance seem shy and calm. But in fact, they just skillfully hide their feelings and, like Scorpios, often cheat on their partners. The representatives of this sign treat novels as an easy adventure that does not oblige them to anything.

A special feature of Libra is their love of diversity, which does not allow them to remain faithful to the only woman. Despite the fact that they quickly become attached to their chosen one, they cannot resist a sudden surging passion.


Ninth place can be safely assigned to one of the most temperamental signs - Aries. These men are by nature hunters who care about the process. As soon as they win the location of the woman they like, they almost immediately lose interest in her and go in search of a new victim.

Aries are romance and sentimentality. The representative of this sign is able to become a good husband, but a woman will have to constantly stir up his interest in his person so that he does not look for new sensations on the side.


Male Twins are eternal children. They are very changeable and infantile, they hate monotony and do not build long-term relationships. Often, representatives of this zodiac sign meet with several women at the same time, without experiencing true feelings to any of them.

Unlike most other signs of the zodiac, Gemini rarely hide their affair from a partner, because they are rather cool and calculating. While in a relationship with a girl comfortable with such a man, he will try in every way to support them. But once he understands that he will not be able to benefit from it, he will tear them apart.


Raku man, like Gemini, is first and foremost important to his own comfort. Initially, the representatives of this sign seem to be ideal family men, but in reality they simply know how to carefully hide their adventures from a spouse or girlfriend. Catch them in the act is almost impossible.

These guys are in no hurry to enter into a serious relationship and for a long time are in search of their beloved. A woman who has managed to win the heart of Cancer will have to constantly surprise and seize his attention in order to keep him from promiscuity.


Man Pisces is romance and reverie. He is in no hurry to tie himself to the knot of marriage, and the initiator of the beginning of a serious relationship in his case is a woman who has shown interest in him.

Fishes beautifully care for and surround their girlfriend with care and love, but they also demand a return from the lady. A partner will constantly have to show feelings and prove his love so that a man does not seek affection on the side.


The top five in the ranking of the most faithful opens Aquarius. In relationships, these men are fairly stable, despite their eccentricity. Among the representatives of this sign most often found monogamous. Spouse, they fully trust, rarely conflict with her and often make compromises.

Change Aquarius, only if they feel that the relationship has become obsolete. They are tired and from excessive care, which often becomes the cause of the gap.

a lion

Leo, like Pisces, loves when he is shown increased attention. He will become a devoted husband only to the woman who will take care of him and support him in everything. These self-sufficient men are accustomed to always take leadership positions, including in the family. Therefore, if Leo feels that the spouse is trying to dominate, then he will begin to look for support from other girls.


Male Virgos ranked 3rd in this ranking. They are looking for a long time and analyze their darling. If this woman fully satisfies him in all respects, then the Virgin becomes for her a faithful companion of life. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac extremely rarely go on treason also because they are very squeamish and selective. Men carefully avoid casual relationships, as they can lead to unpleasant consequences.


Capricorn men are almost perfect husbands due to the following qualities:

  • discipline;
  • pragmatism;
  • stability.

It’s quite difficult for them to demonstrate their feelings and find a suitable partner. But if Capricorn tied the knot, it will not give the wife reason for jealousy. She also needs to be prepared for the fact that the representative of this sign is very demanding of his beloved. He will not tolerate betrayal, and if he suspects and then convicts his spouse of adultery, he will certainly break off relations with her.


Gentle, caring and romantic Taurus tops the ranking of the most faithful signs of the zodiac. At first glance, these men seem to be quite closed, but behind this secretiveness they hide deep feelings. If a woman becomes the chosen one of Taurus, then she can completely trust him, since the representatives of this sign tend to be faithful to their second half.

Male Taurus can rightly be called the ideal family man and born father. But he marries only if he completely trusts his chosen one and feels her support and love.

The loyalty of a man does not depend only on his zodiac sign. Therefore, do not blindly rely only on his sun sign. Other qualities of a person on his natal chart have a greater impact, and it often happens that the most unreliable men, according to the sign of the zodiac, become betrayed spouses.