Unusual Mexican model: "alien" Issa Lish

The fashion industry is increasingly getting girls with an unusual appearance, looking catchy and attractive. One of these was a Mexican with Asian roots named Issa Lish.

Perhaps it was the mixture of such different and distant blood that caused the particular features of Issa, the impressive employees of model agencies.

The success story of this model is the will of the case, as is often the case today: the girl worked in one of the sushi bars in Mexico, whose owner was her father. One day he decided to teach his daughter a poor performance in school, but she was "saved" by a casting agent from the world of fashion who had come to enjoy the bar dishes.

Since then, the young beauty managed to decorate the cover of Vogue, both Japanese and Mexican, and she also managed to work with Prada and other popular brands.

Issa was one of the favorite models of photographer Stephen Meisel, and then got on the cover of the Italian Vogue. Though she doubted, accepting a job offer, her career turned out to be quite successful.

To date, Lish cooperates with the largest model agencies from around the world, including:

  • Premium Models,
  • Why Not,
  • Muse Management.

She enjoys her work and does not regret that she chose a model as a career than she initially wanted to do - to study the history of art.

Sometimes a vocation finds people in the most unexpected places. Thus, the work in the restaurant of the Japanese cuisine of her father allowed Issa to eventually become one of the most popular models of modern times, get on the pages of dozens of magazines and walk the runways in the fashionable cities of the world.