Angelina Jolie decided to move to New York

The actress decided to change her place of residence.

Angelina Jolie made a difficult decision. The actress has planned a move. The star is going to leave Los Angeles and settle in New York with the children.

She realized that the divorce proceedings did not go to her advantage. Now Jolie wants to try herself as a theater actress.

One of the girlfriends of the actress said that after parting with Brad Pete, Angelina began to notice disapproving views from common friends and colleagues.

Of course, the former spouse will find it harder to see the children, but Angelina will have to look for a compromise, since according to the court decision, which lasted for three years, she should not prevent her from meeting with the children.

Let's hope that the relocation will have a beneficial effect on the future personal and creative life of Angelina Jolie.