Pugacheva's nephew hit the car

The young man had to undergo an operation.

While Alla Pugacheva is actively preparing for the anniversary concert, timed to coincide with her 70th birthday, an unpleasant incident happened to her nephew. For the past six months, the 33-year-old Vlad has been living in the Ryazan Region — the day before he was under the wheels of a car. According to eyewitnesses, the man was walking out of the store when a car rushed past him at high speed, hooking him along the leg. As a result, the guy needed an operation that was successful, but so far the little fingers on both legs are “looking” to the side.

The prima donna hardly communicates with her nephew - the man does not work anywhere, but lives on the money that he gets from renting the apartments he owns in Moscow. One of them, by the way, was presented to him by his aunt.