Became known Nachalova fees

As it turned out, the singer agreed to act for very small amounts.

After the sudden death of singer Yulia Nachalova, rumors about her plight began to appear on the network. Allegedly, in recent years, she actually existed only for alimony, which her former husband, Evgeny Aldonin, paid for the maintenance of their common daughter.

Now there is evidence that indirectly confirms this information. So, the journalists managed to find out that for one of the recent concerts, at which Nachalova performed with Tatiana Bulanova, the girl received only 160 thousand rubles. In this case, Bulanova for the same event paid 235 thousand.

Insiders claim that the prices for Yulia’s speeches rarely rose above 250 thousand rubles. And this makes her one of the lowest paid singers. For comparison, the performance of Vera Brezhnev will cost 1 million 300 thousand, and Elena Temnikova - 1 million 760 thousand rubles.