Casanova harbored a grudge against Saveliev who gave birth

The singer did not like that a close friend did not inform her of the pregnancy.

Not so long ago it became known that Sasha Savelyeva gave birth to her first child. The singer and her husband do not comment on information about childbirth, which has already leaked to the press, as well as rumors that now their baby is in intensive care, because he was born with a weight of only 2 kilograms. But this is indirectly confirmed by many celebrities who have decided to support the couple. So, Maria Kozhevnikova said that she herself had a problematic childbirth, and therefore she understands the condition of a young mother.

But the former colleague of Saveleva in the group "Factory" Sati Kazanova generally offended by a friend because she hid from her entire pregnancy. The girl also promised to keep her pregnancy a secret from Sasha when the time came.