Former girl Gufa raped at the club

Yana Shevtsova filed a complaint with the police.

Former beloved rapper Gufa Yana Shevtsova was again in the center of the scandal. Recall, after the girl made public their intimate relationship with the musician and thereby destroyed his relationship with Kati Topuria, the name of Yana does not leave the headlines. She even participated in the project "House-2", and now supposedly builds relationships with one of the Black Star artists. Here are just a new boyfriend did not save her from the shocking incident that happened the other day.

According to Shevtsova, they outraged her at one of the clubs in Khanty-Mansiysk, where they invited her to perform. Yana is sure that she was poured something into the drink so that she turned off. After the girl woke up, she found on her body a lot of hickeys. An examination revealed rape. Now Yana has written a statement to the police.