Lera Kudryavtseva showed daughter

The TV star stopped hiding the baby, but so far refuses to open her face.

Despite the fact that 8 months ago Lera Kudryavtseva gave birth to a daughter, the star was in no hurry to introduce her to her fans. In the few photographs, the baby is not visible at all - only in the carriage or from the back, and the TV host did not take the daughter with her to the official events. Such secrecy is caused by Lera’s desire not to draw too much attention to her child.

But, the other day, Kudryavtseva published a picture where the child sitting in the wheelchair is clearly visible. Only the girl’s face is covered with a sticker - the star still wants to leave an element of mystery and is afraid that her enemies may "jinx" the ill-wishers. In the caption to the photo, Lera admitted that even though she had promised herself not to put the shots with her daughter on the net, "her hands itch."