Pippa Middleton first told about motherhood

Heir from early childhood in sports.

Pippa Middleton decided to talk about her only son.

Recall the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge first became a mother in the autumn of 2018.

And six months later, in an interview for Waitrose magazine, she first decided to share the successes of her son. It turns out that Pippa's firstborn, whom his parents called Arthur, began to play sports as soon as he was four months old. Now the child’s hobby is swimming.

A young mother believes that water exercises improve sleep and digestive system. Water activity is a great way to spend time with children and do something together.

Pippa Middleton, like her husband, James Matthews, are big sports fans. They can often be seen together on tennis courts, long walks or bicycles. It is not surprising that they want to instill this passion in their son from early childhood.