How to wear bicycles: fashion trend of summer 2019

Bikes - a new trend that has conquered all fashionistas. They are increasingly gaining popularity among fashion bloggers, models, and even socialites! Mods choose this thing for their outfits this season. And an ordinary girl, knowing what to wear bicycles in 2019, can look no worse than catwalk beauties!

What is the combination of a rather unpredictable item of women's wardrobe? You can create absolutely unique bows, depending on the chosen style and the items available.


Most often fashionable women choose shirts as a pair for cycling shorts: from white classic to safari / military. Especially stylish looks knotted knot.


Another successful solution is sweatshirts and sports jackets. This is the most concise combination for bicycles. By adding sneakers and a belt bag to your look, you will become the main street styler.


A blazer, a miniature bag, shoes and jewelry will help create an elegant look for a fashionable event. You can use both a classic blazer / jacket style and a bright one with glamorous prints.


Casual T-shirts and tops that we love so much and in which we feel so comfortable will be a topical addition for walking with friends or morning runs with the dog.


To make the image more fashionable, you can combine several combinations at once. For example: bicycles + top + blazer. Or bike + shirt + sports jacket.


Many designers have presented this trend item in bright, even neon colors in their collections this season.


So dare, be brave in your images, creating extraordinary outfits!