Kim Kardashian has a cannabis party

Recently, Kim Kardashian made an unexpected statement, saying that he would arrange an unusual party in honor of the birthday of the unborn child. The star said that the main topic would be ... cannabis, without specifying details.

Numerous subscribers were intrigued and began to discuss what the mother of many children would offer to their guests. There were even suggestions that the audience would smoke weed.

But everything turned out to be not quite so. Kim organized hemp oil-based spa treatments in her yard, stating that this is one of the most beneficial ingredients of plant origin. The guests took part in a short meditation session and drank cannabidiol tea.

To numerous subscribers, the star reported that cannabis was absolutely in everything.

On Kim's holiday, all the guests distributed special boards on which they had to write their own name for the newborn.

Presumably, the child Kim and Kanye, whom the surrogate mother bears, will be born in 2 weeks.