The three most violent women on the zodiac sign: do not play with fire!

Each person can become selfish and cruel, especially if some unpleasant situation or a particular detractor pushes him to it. And women are scary in anger at all! According to astrologers, the date of birth can play a significant role by endowing a person with similar qualities or, conversely, depriving him of any hard-heartedness. Let's try to figure out what are the most cruel signs of the zodiac among women and what is it manifested, because the very concept of cruelty is different for everyone.


She is not insidious, but naive and vulnerable, which is why she is cruel.

Oddly enough, the vulnerable and dreamy Pisces took the third place in the astrological rating of cruel women according to the sign of the zodiac. On the one hand, these ladies do not like conflicts and try to avoid traumatic situations. And on the other hand, they, like small children, believe every word, therefore they step on the same rake over and over again. Fish is not something that would be terrible, evil, but disappointed in the surrounding at least several times, these melancholic ladies turn into capricious snappers. It is out of place and unexpected tantrums that the twelfth sign can poison anyone’s life. In addition, they can quietly harbor a grudge for two weeks, even several years, but then they will surely appear on your doorstep to dot all i.

Interestingly, men of the watermark to such behavior rarely. If they are cruel, then first of all in relation to themselves.

But Pisces women have a truly destructive power: at first they “drown” themselves, but at the last moment they will surely pull the offender with them, turning his life into continuous inadequate. And not always their "enemies" are really to blame. Representatives of the twelfth sign have a distorted world view and tend to exaggerate: if she does not receive everything at once, it means that anyone is guilty, but not herself.

They are impulsive, touchy, infantile and rarely think about the consequences. And if they admit their own mistakes, they are extremely reluctant. In a word, it’s definitely not worth upsetting these ladies!


She is cunning and proud, but deep down she is very vulnerable. Does it sting? By all means

The women of the eighth sign are charismatic, attractive personalities with a complex character and willpower. They do not know how to live in semitones: if they love, then they are insane, and if they hate, they will certainly be with their whole soul. Contrary to popular belief, Scorpio will not attack without a reason, however, if she doesn’t like you much or doesn’t please you in some way, this is already a rather viscous reason for cruelty on her part.

Why did the Scorpio woman take only the second place in the star rating of the cruel signs of the zodiac? It's simple: these biting ladies, however, like all representatives of the Water element, are quite emotional and even eccentric. Yes, her revenge is always insidious, but Scorpio lacks absolute composure to administer his dark deeds immaculately and inexorably. No matter how strong-willed and impenetrable she may look in the eyes of other people, the peculiarities of her behavior are always dictated by internal vulnerability, sensitivity and sensitivity. Even the closest people often have victims of cruel retribution, because this suspicious lady always has her own truth.

Keep your ears open if you happen to upset the representative of the eighth sign! Scorpio will slowly and methodically beat on the most painful places, it will make the offender feel completely "naked" and defenseless. And here no apology will help, until Scorpio quenches his thirst for revenge to the last drop. Interestingly, by the end of the curtain this woman may begin to apologize, even publicly, but only so that you feel yourself even more pathetic and worthless.

Treason or slander - the most unforgivable things for the representative of the water element. She herself can do whatever she wants, but the rest do not dare to encroach on her dignity under any circumstances!

Capricorn is the undisputed ranking leader

Capricorn woman is cruel and cold by nature, but do not even try to convince her of this.

At the top of the astro rating are located representatives of the tenth sign, led by the majestic and cold Saturn. Capricorn women are cruel in their own way. They do not weave terrible machinations behind the offenders and certainly will not show hysterical seizures. Their main strength lies in the ability to resist the emotional impulses (if such bursts happen to them at all), because they had the reputation of the so-called iron ladies.

This lady can put as many sticks in the wheels, she still will not break, even vice versa. It is inflexibility and endurance that endows a woman of the earth element with those advantages that are absent in most zodiacal symbols. She is prudent, silent, focused on personal goals and desires. It can become a true embodiment of despotism, if such an approach allows it to achieve the desired.

By and large, this lady does not think about enemies and revenge, she is focused primarily on herself. And if someone decided to cross the road for her, these are his problems, but not hers. Capricorn will calmly walk over the heads, if necessary. And believe me, by harming another person (intentionally or not), a woman of the tenth will sleep peacefully like a baby.

On the one hand, Capricorns protect those who are dear to them. Sometimes their care is excessive, because they often take the position of the warden. And on the other hand, one day they can decide that even a close person is a hindrance on their successful path. And then no words will convince this cold and resolute lady: she will wave her hand after you and move to conquer new peaks without a bit of regret.

Many astrologers are sure that Aries, Sagittarius and even domesticated Cancers are also those things that are capable of revenge and cruelty. What do you think?