Olga Orlova hopes to get married

The star advises the same "enviable brides", like her, not to lean on burgers.

The other day, Olga Orlova, a singer and TV star, was sharing videos on an instagram with a friendly picnic, to which she was invited by a colleague on the Dom-2 project, Ksenia Borodina and her husband Kurban Omarov. In one of them, a man held a tray with freshly made burgers and insisted that they should be given to girls.

Orlova was jokingly indignant at such an idea, noting that after burgers she would not be able to marry her. After that, the star approached the cook working on the grill and asked her to make a special sandwich-free sandwich. The singer ironically noted that she was taking care of her ideal figure, which "no one had seen."