Elina Bystritskaya lost money

The legacy of the great actress disappeared from her accounts.

After the funeral of Elina Bystritskaya, her relatives started litigation for the inheritance. The closest person to the actress was Sister Sofia Shegelman, but they didn’t communicate for a long time, as the woman almost always lived abroad. But Bystritskaya got close to her concert director Ksenia Rubtsova and, according to rumors, made a testament precisely in her favor. These gossip and forced Shegelman to quickly return to Russia and start a real war for the money of the sister.

Sophia Shegelman

So, it turned out, in the past, Rubtsova, on the instructions of the artist, filed a lawsuit against Sofia, who allegedly did not return to Elina 10 thousand dollars borrowed. In response, the sister of the actress is now suing Xenia, stating that 38 million rubles were lost from celebrity accounts after her death, and only her assistant, who had access, could take them. Now the court will understand this case.

Elina Bystritskaya and Ksenia Rubtsova