Whole Lotta Love: the most interesting images of the stylist Lotta Volkova

Lotta Volkova is a stylist, thanks to whom several years ago the whole world conquered the image of the nineties post-perestroika youth. It was she who erected the works of Demny Gvasalia and Gosha Rubchinsky to the rank of a cult - first of all abroad. Each image of Lotta is an actual high fashion - but not massive, but underground, with a taste of Vetements and Balenciaga, which she is the ideological inspirer of.

One of the favorite items of Lotta Volkova's wardrobe, which perfectly reflects the spirit of the 90s, is a jacket. The stylist combines a red oversize suit with a small scar with pointed-toe shoes and a necklace-chain - the image, like many Volkova’s outfits, is a direct reference to the outfits of businessmen of the time of perestroika.

There are in the wardrobe Lotta and more classic models of jackets. But in combination with extravagant things (a dress with a bow in the style of the 80s, the legendary boots-stockings Balenciaga, a scarf made of leather), they do not look boring at all and balance the details too distant from reality.

One of the most successful images of the stylist, based on a competent combination of colors and textures, is composed of a scarlet silk shirt, a dusty lilac mini-skirt, dark green patent-leather heels and cream wool socks. This outfit is a meeting place for ugly fashion and touching nostalgic femininity.

Favorite technique of both Lotte and fashionable houses friendly to her is a bow made in a single color with a slight variation of shades. The stylist combines boots of ocher tone with a golden mustard satin blouse.

Tamed Volkova and topical men's shirts. The stylist wears this garment half tucked in and together with high trousers pipes.

Repeatedly in Lotta's outfits, one can see elements of the punk subculture: chokers, resembling a collar, leather clothing with chains.

A bow that can be perfectly adapted to a casual look is a black loose T-shirt, a red miniskirt made of soft leather and ankle boots of a similar color. Do not forget about socks or knee-highs - a mandatory attribute of ugly fashion.

Volkova’s elegant and pseudo-glam outfit show her ironic attitude to fashion and clothes in general.

Seeing the queen of the underground outrageous in more classic outfits is unusual, but their Lotta complements non-standard accessories - for example, a hat with spikes, as in this case.

The secret of Lotta Volkova's unique style is in her ability to make fun of both himself and fashion trends. This is the principle of the whole underground fashion and ugly fashion - this is a high style that draws inspiration from marginal culture. And how do you feel about such trends?