Daughter of Yulia Nachalova moved to live with her father

The question was solved, with whom the girl will live.

Immediately after the death of the singer Julia Nachalova, the question began to be decided with whom her daughter Vera would live. The star gave birth to a girl from her second husband football player Yevgeny Aldonin, but then she divorced him. After the funeral, even some celebrities expressed their desire to take Vera to her, for example, the widow of Alexander Abdulov, who was friends with Nachalova, but the girl remained with her grandmother and grandfather.

And the other day, Yevgeny Aldonin said that his daughter had moved in with him. According to him, she got along with his new family - his wife and young son. Now they are all together on vacation. True, the PR director of the singer has already hurried to refute the words of the footballer, noting that after the holiday Vera will return to Yulia’s parents.