A new case has been launched against the Ural ravioli

Former team member Sergei Netievsky is demanding 70 million rubles from his colleagues.

"Ural dumplings" again shocking internal scandals. The former participant and director of the show Sergey Netievsky sued his former colleagues. He demands 70 million rubles from them. According to Sergey, three years ago, his friends withdrew a large amount of money from the accounts illegally. Netievsky believes that the rest of the team members have come under the influence of the new concert director of the band and “led” to the money. The man tried to resolve the dispute with the world, but as a result, his lawyers filed a lawsuit on the last day of the expiration of the statute of limitations on the incident.

This is not the first trial between Sergey and other humorists - they have long shared the Ural Dumplings brand before that.