Former wife Meladze: "I would forgive him!"

Irina Meladze told how difficult news about her husband’s treason was given to her.

Almost 10 years ago, the whole country was discussing Valery Meladze’s novel with Albina Janabaeva, who received official confirmation after lengthy rumors. Then the singer's wife did not give any comments, but now Irina, finally, can calmly talk about that situation. According to her, the betrayal of her spouse was very hard for her. She began to guess that her husband had another life only a couple of years before the final separation, but did not suspect that Janabaeva was already raising her son from Meladze.

Irina even tried to meet with Albina, but she refused. The woman noted that if her husband returned in the first months, she would forgive and take him back.

Now the eldest son from Valery’s family communicates with her daughters from marriage with Irina, but the girls do not maintain relationships with the stepmother.