Buzova and Batrutdinov help each other to establish a personal life

The stars will look for a pair in the new show.

Both Olga Buzova and Timur Batrutdinov have already tried to find happiness on the air. The singer was the heroine of the talk show "Marry Buzov", and the humorist - one of the "Bachelors". In the finals, each of them made their choice in favor of one of the participants, but the relationship with the project ceased. Rumors of romance between the stars have been discussed for a long time, but they refute them, noting that they are just friends.

On this friendship, and built a new project called "Plan B". According to his scenario, Olga should choose from the participants a girl for Timur, and he, in turn, will be a gentleman for her. If it is not possible to spin the affair with the chosen people, then celebrities will build love under the cameras with each other. The casting for the show has already been announced, and it should go on the air in the fall.