7 of the most unusual wedding dresses in the world

Wedding is always a unique event. Ideally, it happens once, but even if the family is created many times, the most unusual wedding dresses help to remember the triumph of a lifetime. And not only the newlyweds themselves, but also the guests of the celebration.


The idea to dress the bride in a cocoon belongs to the famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. The absurdity of the style is questionable.

The fact is that the legendary couturier associated the form of the dress with the women's share: the girls in his vision are closed, warm, fragile and a little sad. The project was born half a century ago and, I must say, did not move further than the podium. In any case, such photos from real life are not presented anywhere.

Rainbow hem

The snow-white base, turning into a juicy rainbow - the originality of the idea is beyond doubt. The bearer of such an elegant dress exudes femininity and sophistication, and the bright play of colors at the bottom of the dress speaks unequivocally: life is too diverse to associate itself only with “whiteness” and innocence.

Infinity skirt

Such models are found in the catalogs of many wedding salons in Europe. The dress is in quite good demand, but the length of its skirt can create problems.

The idea of ​​the infinite radiance of the girl gives the holiday romance, but the bride will hardly be able to move in such a dress without outside help.

Transparent aura

The groom must always remember: the young spouse is a fragile being, and her aura needs a careful attitude.

This dress is not so uncomfortable: just pick up the hem with your hands while walking. But how wonderful it looks, when the bride crouches on the bench!

Glowing beauty

The author of the idea is the Japanese designer Yumi Katsura. For five months they made a dress that consists of luminous dots (4800 pieces). The light source are LED elements.


For the manufacture of dresses really used "natural" raw materials: ocean algae and octopus legs. The model is recommended for those who are planning to celebrate a beach wedding.


A wedding dress made of peacock feathers and tail was invented by Chinese designers in 2009. Also the design was decorated with jade stones in the amount of 60 pieces. This product, considered to be one of the most unusual in the world, could long have been admired in the window of one of the wedding salons of the city of Nanjing, but its further fate is unknown.

Dressing up for a wedding is always interesting. Especially, if we are talking about the main character of the event - the bride. Fantasy designers have no boundaries, as well as the requests of young ladies going to the altar.