10 of the most beautiful evening dresses in 2018

The evening dress is one of the most beautiful and magnificent things in the wardrobe of the girl. There are usually few reasons for walking such an outfit, so you should approach it with particular care. Then you will definitely shine at your prom, girlfriend's wedding, birthday, or other important holiday!

Long evening dress shade Marsala will decorate any owner. Luxurious shimmering fabric turns an outfit into a pattern of elegance.

The dress of an unusual cut in a soft powdery color is perfect for bridesmaids. It contains all the trends of the season: open shoulders, floral pattern and weightless plume.

Evening dress of the maximum length of neutral shades (gray, beige, powdery) can be enjoyed by both young girls and older women. This outfit looks very elegant and concise.

The mini dress version with a full skirt is perfect for a less formal celebration. The underlined waist combined with a skirt-sun will create a graceful silhouette.

Another idea of ​​a lush mini, but in a more restrained shade. Beautiful lace and weightless fabrics will help to give the image of lightness and femininity.

Dress is not always the best solution for an evening out. A suit from a top and a long skirt looks no less stylish. But this option is suitable only for owners of slim figure and thin waist. But the individual parts of the dress can be used to create other images.

Red satin dress silhouette "fish" will make you bright and memorable at the celebration. This toilet does not require additional details and accessories, the color and silhouette of the dress will be the main chip of your image.

A more concise and restrained version of the model with the silhouette of "fish", but no less attractive! Exquisite black color, deep neckline and flowing lace will make the image luxurious!

The white dress-transformer is suitable for both graduates and brides. At the official part of the holiday, you can attend the maxi version, and then remove the removable skirt and continue the celebration already in a comfortable flirty mini-length dress.

A toilet with a lush midi length will be a great option for tall girls. This model creates a beautiful feminine silhouette and visually improves the shape.

Remember that an evening dress is important to choose according to the parameters of your figure and height. Pay attention to the color that should be in harmony with your color type of appearance. Then any outfit will look perfect!