The most ridiculous hairstyles of Russian stars over the past 5 years

Red tracks, social events and festivals are a good reason for stars to surprise the public. In pursuit of shocking, many celebrities overdo it, guided by the fact that "the hair is not the teeth - grow back." However, experiments are not always successful, and the absurd hairstyles of Russian stars scatter on the Internet to the delight of haters.

Nastya Kamensky

"New Wave 2014" was definitely remembered by Anastasia's fans. Volumetric curls are always elegantly complemented her image, but here, in colored overalls, the singer looks like she was inspired by the image of a parrot.

Lena Lenina

In this way the writer and businesswoman appeared at the festival in Cannes in 2016. Her every appearance on the red carpet was actively discussed for several days. A pink heart made of hair or a chandelier woven into them is unlikely to soon be erased from the memory of fashion observers and fans.

Christmas tree

From the very beginning of her career, Yolka loved extravagant hairstyles. Therefore, her fans are always ready for new experiments and are looking forward to the next release of the singer. At the ceremony of awarding the Woman of the Year 2015 award, Yolka decided not to change her usual style.

Angelica Varum

Another example of how to do is not worth it. Angelica Varum's hair on the “New Wave 2014” looks like she didn’t please the hairdresser. The scorched white color and ridiculous styling are absolutely not combined with its usual elegant and feminine way.

Alla Pugacheva

Despite her age, the singer tries to follow fashion trends. It turns out not always good, often Alla Pugacheva's hairstyles come out somewhat tasteless and ridiculous.

Maksim Galkin

The image of a TV presenter at a press conference devoted to the “Muz-TV Awards - 2018” could not be ignored. Pigtails of strange origin will long be remembered by his fans.

Keti Topuria

Keti, however, like Yolka, loves to surprise her fans with extravagant looks. Her hairstyle on "New Wave-2014" hints to us that the singer spent the last weekend watching all the parts of "Star Wars".

Philip Kirkorov

How many different emotions caused the recently released clip of the singer "Color of Mood Blue"! Among other things, the image of Philip in the video is ambiguous, because it looks so ridiculous. Perhaps this was the point of the experiment?

Eva Polna

If a person wants to experiment, then age is not a hindrance. Apparently, this was precisely what the Russian singer was guided by, choosing for herself such a hair style.

In the struggle for the audience recognition and love, all means are good, and Russian stars do not spare their creative powers for this. That's just hardly worth achieving the popularity of so ridiculous hairstyles and tasteless images.