Black manicure: 60 cool instagram ideas

Black manicure - the trend of the season 2018-2019. For some, it seems too gloomy, but you just need to know a few rules of application. By adding a design to this cover, you can even make it on a first date.

60 ideas of black manicure from around the world (photo)


Monochrome coating on short and long nails

The simplest version of the manicure in black color is a monochrome coating. It will be best to look at short or medium length nails. On the long really seem too dark. This effect will be smoothed by matte coating and glitter; to create them you do not need to buy a special black lacquer, you can just get on with tops that can be applied to anyone, even gel polish.


Ideas with patterns, glitter, stones and other decor

Cool on a black coating rhinestones, pebbles, foil look. They reflect the light and play on the contrast: this manicure is perfect for urban style, even in summer. On vacation it is better to prefer the options brighter. The main thing with jewelry is not to put them on each finger, otherwise there is a risk to overdo it. Optimally - 2 nails on each hand.


What pictures can be applied

Drawings on black nails are rare. It is understandable, because such an element will be hardly noticeable and illegible on a dark background. There are ornaments in the style of space, dark marble or electric lightning. Popular technique of execution of the lunar and French manicure in dark colors: when black is applied instead of white.


Topical look looks like a cat's eye. For such a manicure you need a special lacquer and a magnet with the desired pattern. With tools, it can be made at home.


Successful color combinations

Black color is basic, therefore it is able to be combined with all other colors on one nail or on several nails. Especially beautiful is obtained using the ombre technique: when one shade smoothly changes into another. Black can be either at the hole or on the tip of the nail.


Black manicure is universal: it is necessary to add some element of nail art, and it no longer looks bleak and heavy. If earlier it was not popular, now it is worn at any age and under any style of clothing. The main thing - do not grow too long nails.