VIA Gra is experiencing a new change in composition

Anastasia Kozhevnikova, who spent almost 5 years in the band VIA Gra, left the team for unknown reasons.

The girl wrote a letter to Konstantin Meladze, the producer of the group, in which she admitted that the past years had been a bright flash for her, and she would never forget about it.

According to insiders, Anastasia, who recently married, will begin a solo career, and her newly-made husband, who has previously been involved in the grocery business and is not connected with pop music, will be her producer. Kozhevnikova herself has repeatedly stated that her image in the group does not like her chosen one.

Nastya’s place will be taken by the participant of the show “The Voice”, 23-year-old Uliana Sinetskaya. The girl was in the team of Alexander Gradsky, but could not go on further fight.

After the show "Voice", Ulyana Sinetskaya got into the "New Star Factory", and then sang in the group Cash