Emilia Clark has a tattoo in memory of the "Game of Thrones"

The main character of the series decided to perpetuate the memory of him on his body.

“Game of Thrones” is already called the main series of the 2010s, and the last “Emmy” ceremony was proof of that - it became an absolute triumph, collecting 9 figurines in different nominations. But the creators do not intend to make the series endless, and next season, which will be released on screens in 2019, will be the last. Shooting it is already underway, and the actors who play the main roles are divided in an interview with regrets about the imminent parting with their characters.

So, the main actress of the show Emilia Clark recently made a tattoo depicting three flying dragons. In the series, her character is called the Mother of Dragons, and only she knows how to control them. “Mom will not forget her children,” the girl signed a tattoo snapshot on social networks.