Selena Gomez left social networks

The singer decided to take a break in the Internet life because of the negative comments.

Fans of Selena Gomez are sounding the alarm - the girl made a decision to temporarily leave social networks. The singer is known as an active Instagram user with millions of subscribers. However, the other day the girl made a confession - for several months she had not entered the social network through her account. She lays out a photo through the profiles of her friends, and tracks comments in the same way. According to Gomez, there is not even a program for editing photos on her phone. Selena was forced to resort to such measures because of her over-sensitivity to the negative comments of the followers.

And the other day the girl admitted that she paused her entire social life on the Internet - according to her, the time has come to live in the present. In the media, an unexpected statement by the singer is associated with an abundance of information in the network about Gomez's former boyfriend, Justin Bieber, who recently married his new girlfriend.